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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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  • A healthy day starts with breakfast breakfastWhile February is not exactly the beginning of the year, we're all still feeling the need for a health kick.
  • Exercise lowers risk of aggressive cancer man exercising with weightsResearch to be presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Prostate Cancer Foundation Conference, in San Diego, suggests a link between brisk exercise and a lower risk of aggressive cancer.
  • The secret to healthy sleep man asleepSleeplessness is common for many people, as there are many factors in the modern world which can contribute to insomnia, or the feeling of not being asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next day.
  • Understanding carbohydrates: friend & foe! breadCarbohydrates often receive some negative stigma, and have earned the perception of high-energy foods that are bad for you.
  • Robotic Colorectal Surgery The da Vinci Surgical systemRobotic surgery for the prostate is practised widely in the USA and is now becoming more widespread in the UK. Robotic surgery for colorectal disease has become more common in South Korea, USA and Singapore as well as in several European centres in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. There are very...
  • Successful treatment to reverse Barrett's oesophagus Gastro LondonApproximately one in 10 people who suffer from regular heartburn develop Barrett's oesophagus.
  • What minimally-invasive liposuction options are there? LiposuctionThe Private Clinic explains minimally-invasive forms of liposuction and why the treatment has seen a huge growth in the last few years.
  • Plastic surgery for the face beautiful woman faceBlepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and Otoplasty (ear correction) were all in the top ten most popular cosmetic surgeries of 2013
  • How does fat transfer to the breasts work? silicone breast implantsThe Private Clinic explains minimally-invasive Fat Transfer to the breasts and what results to expect.
  • What to expect after your hair transplant hair transplantOver the past few years an increasing number of celebrities and public figures have found it easier to talk openly about hair loss and their experience with hair transplantation. As a result the procedure has seen a huge growth in popularity and more people have thought seriously about undergoing...
  • What is stopping you getting a good night's sleep? Lack of sleep can hamper concentrationHow many of us really get enough sleep? Do you bounce out of bed on a Monday morning, or struggle to open your eyes? Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. Eight hours a night is considered the optimum amount, and too little or too much can be detrimental.
  • Revolutionary new treatment for prostate cancer at West London's leading private hospital New drug 'can delay prostate cancer treatment' Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer for men in the UK, with over 40,000 cases diagnosed each year.
  • What non-surgical face lift options are there? faceliftThe Private Clinic explores non-surgical facelifts and which is the best for your needs.
  • Preventing and treating varicose veins nice legsVaricose veins will affect an estimated 3 in 10 of us at some point in our lives. While they may seem an insignificant problem to those not suffering, the confidence knock (and sometimes consequent health problems) they can create mean that, for many, their consequences are far bigger than the area...
  • What type of VASER Lipo and where? liposuctionThe number of liposuction procedures performed in UK theatres rose by 41% last year, making it the nation's sixth most commonly performed surgical procedure. Away from the invasive traditional forms of the treatment, however, is VASER Liposuction...
  • The growth of hair transplants hair transplantHair loss pulls no favours when it comes to who it chooses, and even the rich and famous aren't immune from a receding hairline. One of the world's best-known golfers Tiger Woods is the latest in a long-line of celebrities to admit he's facing a losing battle with his hair, confessing in a recent...
  • Tackling 'man boobs' gynaecomastiaIt's a condition not always spoken about seriously in the media, but gynecomastia (otherwise known as man boobs or 'moobs') is thought to affect up to 40% of the UK male population.
  • A look at Blepharoplasty cosmetic eyelid surgeryThere are a lot of scars the ageing process can bestow upon us; from facial lines and creases, to unwanted areas of our bodies piling on the pounds. One of the most frustrating to conceal is skin around the eyes.
  • 5 things to consider before having breast implants silicone breast implantsIn 2012 the UK cosmetic industry was rocked by revelations that a commonly used breast implant, PIP, contained industrial-grade silicone not approved for the human body
  • World class cancer care in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea Gamma Knife facilityThe incidence of many cancers is on the rise, with breast and prostate cancer among the most common. A diagnosis can be life-changing, wherever the disease is found, but with the right treatment options there is a good chance of a positive outcome.
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