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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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Weight loss products in the UK : Weight to Go

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Great nutrition from Weight to Go!

Weight to Go Nutritional products are exclusive to Healthier Weight.

They have been carefully designed to provide a nutritionally complete, calorie-controlled food option which – when used correctly – can help promote rapid but safe weight loss. 


The range includes:

  • High protein shakes (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and banana)

  • High protein soups  such as Butternut Squash with Red Chili and Cumin, Mediterranean Vegetable, Mushroom

  • Low calorie, low sodium ready meals including Pasta Bolognaise, Chickpea and Sweet Potato Tagine, Succulent Braised Beef

  • High protein energy bars with added omega 3 and vitamins (Lemon Crunch and Chocolate Peanut)


Chickpea and Sweet Potato Tagine

Easy to prepare, easy to store

All the meals are microwaveable and ready in just three minutes!  Furthermore, the meals are ambient stable, which means they can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months.


Put them in a suitcase, in an overnight case or take them on holiday – these are definitely products for people on the move!  No worries about chilled storage and no wastage.  Just great tasting, nutritionally balanced and convenient food choices.


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Chocolate Peanut bar




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