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Sunday 16 June 2019
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A patient's guide to hip replacement

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Hip replacement

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Choosing a private hospital for your hip replacement

In the same way that choosing a private hip replacement surgeon is important, choosing the right hospital for your private hip replacement can make a big difference to your experience. You need to feel comfortable in the hospital you choose, confident that they will give you the levels of care, cleanliness, professionalism and personal attention you would like. Private hip replacement is an expensive operation, so it is worth taking the time to find the right hospital for you.


Once again, the internet is the perfect place to start your search, supported by advice from your GP and/or your medical insurance company. The experience of friends and relatives who have used local private hospitals will also be invaluable.


Location, location, location 

Perhaps the most important personal consideration when choosing a hospital for your private hip replacement is location. You will need to visit the hospital several times before your operation, at a time when your mobility could be seriously impaired by your condition. You will also have to return for post-op checkups on a number of occasions after your private hip replacement. Therefore it is important to make sure you can get to your chosen hospital easily.


It is also worth bearing in mind that a private hip replacement operation involves a hospital stay of around 5 days, and can be much longer if you are 70 or older. It will make you feel so much better if friends and relatives can reach the hospital easily to visit you during this time.


Other factors to consider 

When choosing a hospital for your private hip replacement, you should also look up some statistics so that you know that the hospital has:


  • A lot of experience with private hip replacement operations

  • Good success rates with private hip replacements

  • Low rates of MRSA bacteraemia and other infections

  • High private hip replacement patient satisfaction scores

  • Intensive care facilities, or is near to a local NHS unit, in case of an emergency or life threatening complications.


The Care Quality Commission publishes the answers to these and many other measures online for all private hospitals in the UK. This helps you to compare hospitals on a like for like basis to find the best place for your private hip replacement.


Price considerations 

A final, but vital consideration when choosing a hospital for your private hip replacement if you don’t have private medical insurance is the cost. Naturally the price will vary depending upon the skills and reputation of the surgeon you have chosen, but there are other factors that you need to think about.


Making sure you understand what is and what is not included in any set price deal is crucial.  For example, you should ask if the fee only covers your private hip replacement operation, or if it covers all your physiotherapy and rehabilitation too. You should also be clear about who pays for any further treatment that is required should complications arise from your private hip replacement. You can only compare prices between different private hospitals if you know what is included. Asking the right questions at the start can also avoid any awkwardness and unexpected expenses later on.

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