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Sunday 16 June 2019
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King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes: private hip replacement in London

King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes

Offering the very latest techniques for private hip replacement surgery, including uncemented prostheses, ceramic on ceramic (CoC) bearing surfaces and minimally invasive hip replacement, from expert consultant orthopaedic surgeons at one of London's leading private hospitals.

Where can I get private hip replacement surgery in London?

Established in 1899, King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes is a state-of-the-art private hospital with charitable status, centrally situated in the West End of London.  Committed to the highest standards of patient services, the Hospital works with carefully selected consultant orthopaedic surgeons who are recognised leaders in the field of hip replacement surgery.

King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes

High quality facilities for hip replacement surgery

King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes combines the latest medical technology with traditional, patient-centred nursing and care.  It is able to offer all the facilities necessary for a successful hip operation including:

  • 3 state-of-the-art operating theatres (2 with laminar flow technology offering extra protection against airborne infections)
  • MRI, 128-slice CT, ultrasound and X-ray
  • Post-operative physiotherapy services with a fully equipped gym
  • Purpose built hydrotherapy pool
  • Post-operative occupational therapy

Offering the latest techniques in hip replacement surgery

Uncemented hip prostheses

Until recently a damaged hip joint was replaced with an artificial joint that was cemented with surgical cement.  Although this type of replacement is still suitable for older patients, the new technique of uncemented hip prostheses is becoming the treatment of choice for younger patients who need a prosthesis with a longer lifespan.  The surface of the prosthesis is coated with a compound that stimulates bone to grow on the surface, forming a firm bond and lessening the chance of the joint loosening over time.

Ceramic on ceramic (CoC) bearing surfaces

In a ceramic on ceramic bearing surfaces hip replacement, the ball and socket of the artificial hip are both made out of hard-wearing ceramic that wears out fractionally compared to traditional prostheses.  These are suitable for people as young as in their 30s and 40s, avoiding the need for hip revision surgery in the future.  The range of motion after a CoC hip replacement is also better than a traditional hip replacement and most people are able to return to recreational activities such as cycling, swimming and golf.

Minimally invasive hip surgery

Hip surgery is carried out through a smaller incision than usual, resulting in a smaller scar, less blood loss and reduced post operative pain.  This is a technique only performed by a few highly skilled hip surgeons in the UK.

Front view of King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes

How can I get a private hip replacement at King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes?

King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes welcomes both patients with private medical insurance and those who wish to fund their own treatment.

The Hospital has charitable status and grants to help with the costs of hip replacement surgery are available to serving and retired members of the Armed Forces via the Sister Agnes Benevolent Fund.  The Charity of Alexander Michael Levy is also available to patients who live, or have lived, in London.

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King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes

Beaumont Street




Tel: +44 (0) 207486 4411

Email: info@kingedwardvii.co.uk  




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Treatments available

  • Uncemented hip prostheses
  • Ceramic on ceramic (CoC) bearing surfaces
  • Minimally invasive hip surgery




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