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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Ramsay Health Care UK: Hip replacement in the UK

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Ramsay Health Care offer a comprehensive range of orthopaedic treatments. Ramsay is one of the UK's leading providers of private healthcare with 22 private hospitals, nine treatment centres and three neurological units. 


Hip pain is a common as we get older. It may respond to over-the counter painkillers or steroid injections into the hip, but it may be a sign that the hip joint is wearing out.


Diseases such as osteoarthritis may cause pain and stiffness in the hip, making you less mobile, and making it harder to do everyday things such as sport or gardening.


If the problem is severe you may need a hip replacement. Many people have hip replacement surgery.

What happens during a hip replacement operation?

hip replacement is also called an arthroplasty and it usually requires a few days in hospital, followed by physiotherapy and exercises after the operation, and then a period of recovery and recuperation after which you can return to normal life.


For some people a hip replacement transforms their life as they regain their mobility and independence. Replacement hips last for 20 to 30 years.


What to do if you are experiencing pain in your hips

First talk to your GP. They will advise you whether a hip replacement is likely to be a treatment option. Ramsay Health Care delivers high quality hip replacements carried out by experienced consultant orthopaedic hip specialists.

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Hip replacement aftercare

Aftercare is important to get you back to normal life as soon as possible.


Your physiotherapist will recommend exercises for you to do at home and will advise you about everyday living and what you need to avoid. Initially you’ll probably need crutches or a walking stick.


You may need some physiotherapy sessions during the first few weeks after your operation. 

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