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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Spire Healthcare: Private hip replacement and hip surgery in the UK

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High quality hip replacement surgery, hip arthroscopy and hip resurfacing, performed by experienced consultant orthopaedic surgeons, at a leading nationwide network of private hospitals.

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Where can I find private hip replacement and hip surgery in the UK?

With over 25 years of experience, Spire Healthcare is one of the largest providers of private healthcare in the UK.  Their 38 modern and fully equipped hospitals provide rapid and convenient access to expert hip replacement surgery and other hip procedures, nationwide.

Why have hip surgery at Spire Healthcare?

Patients who choose Spire Healthcare for their hip surgery are guaranteed quick, expert treatment from their choice of consultant orthopaedic surgeon.  Spire Healthcare's award winning hospitals operate under rigorous healthcare standards and rate among the best in the country for cleanliness and infection control.  All orthopaedic surgery is carried out in state-of-the-art operating theatres with laminar airflow technology that cleans the surrounding air during surgery.

Patients are cared for in comfortable private rooms with entertainment facilities and ensuite bathrooms..  Delicious a la carte food is available from an in-house chef and visiting times are unlimited, making recuperation as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Rapid access to hip replacement surgery in the UK

The ball and socket joints in the hip are surrounded by cartilage that prevents the bone surfaces from rubbing together.  As people age, this cartilage is worn away, causing pain and stiffness in the hip.  Hip replacement surgery is a procedure to replace the damaged ball and socket with an artificial hip joint (prosthesis).  Hip replacement is a very common and successful operation, providing pain-free movement for up to 15 years.

As the population ages, waiting lists for hip replacement on the NHS have become longer in many parts of the country, and some areas are even restricting the number of procedures that they perform.  Spire Healthcare offers a convenient and affordable way to access hip surgery quickly.

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Expert hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a popular surgical alternative to total hip replacement.  Instead of removing the whole joint, the surfaces of the existing ball and socket are removed and replaced with a metal surface.  Recovery times for this procedure are quicker, and many people find that they have a greater range of movement, compared to total hip replacement surgery.  However, hip resurfacing is not suitable for people whose bones may not be strong enough, such as those over 65 or women who have been through the menopause.

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Offering private hip arthroscopy

Pain in the groin or a limited movement of the hip sometimes occurs in younger people when the ball of the hip joint is not quite spherical or if the socket is too deep, leading to cartilage damage.  This damage can be repaired using minimally invasive keyhole surgery (arthoscopy), relieving the symptoms and reducing the chances of osteoarthritis developing in the future.  Again, the waiting lists for this procedure are growing on the NHS and Spire Healthcare offers swift access to treatment, minimising the chance of further damage occurring.

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How can I get private hip replacement or hip surgery at Spire Healthcare?

Insured patients

Spire Healthcare has direct settlement agreements with all the major health insurance companies in the UK.  Patients with private heath insurance seeking private hip surgery should check with their company in the first instance that they are covered for the procedure and obtain a referral from a GP.

Self-paying patients

Spire Healthcare is committed to providing high quality hip surgery at competitive and transparent prices to those without private health insurance who would like to pay for treatment.  Many procedures are available at an all inclusive fixed price and Spire Healthcare is able to offer a number of finance packages to help spread the costs of hip surgery. 

International patients

Spire Healthcare welcomes patients from all over the world seeking private hip surgery and is happy to provide any help or advice needed for a hospital trip to the UK via its dedicated Spire International division.


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