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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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A patient's guide to going private
Private treatment

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Guide to Going Private

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About this guide

Our guide to going private will help you to decide which is the best private hospital, clinic or specialist for your needs, and gives practical advice about what you need to do, whether you have health insurance or are paying directly for private treatment. There's also useful information about the practicalities of going private, what to do if something goes wrong and how to complain about private treatment.

About GoPrivate

GoPrivate.com is a leading web site on private healthcare. On GoPrivate.com, patients can search, compare and book private healthcare services. The search enables you to locate hospitals, clinics and specialists quickly and efficiently, and then compare and book an appointment or a service from your preferred healthcare provider.

About Intuition Communication

Intuition Communication is an online publishing business in the healthcare sector in the UK. The company’s aim is to help people to make a more informed choice of private healthcare services by providing information that is independent, up to data and enables comparison between different services and service providers.

Intuition manages a network of web sites in the healthcare sector including Private Healthcare UK, GoPrivate.com, the Harley Street Guide and HarleyStreet.com.


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Get a quote for private treatment

We will forward your request for further information, a quotation or an indicative cost for private hospital treatment to three providers of private healthcare services in your local area.

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Find a private hospital

Use our online database to search for a private hospital in your area. You can view hospital profiles and details of what they have to offer.

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Find a consultant

Are you looking for a private specialist or private consultant in the UK? We maintain a database of around 2,500 UK specialists in private practice. You can search by specialty or postcode.

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