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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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Fixed Price Surgery: How the schemes operate

Most private hospitals will be able to offer you a fixed price surgery option for private hospital treatment, if you don’t have private health insurance and want to pay out of your own pocket.


Fixed Price Surgery Schemes apply to most operations, and are available to most people, regardless of age. First, discuss referral to a private surgeon or specialist with your GP. Then, approach your local private hospital and ask about details of their Fixed Price Surgery scheme. Tell them what operation you need and which consultant you would like to do it, if you have a preference. In some hospitals, the price may differ depending on which surgeon does the operation.


The hospital will then be able to provide you with an indicative fixed price for your private operation. This will be subject to a medical and surgical assessment by the surgeon who will carry it out. The price may vary a little depending on precisely what is required for your specific condition.


For some operations, such as private hip and knee replacements, you may be given a range of prices. The price may vary depending on what kind of prosthesis (implant) is best for you or more suitable for you. You will be able to agree the choice of prosthesis with your specialist. 


What is included?

The “fixed price” for a private operation normally includes:

  • All your medical and nursing care during your stay in hospital.
  • The costs of your private accommodation.
  • Operating theatre fees.
  • Any drugs and dressings that you need while in hospital.

In most hospitals, the surgeons' and anaesthetists' fees for the operation will also be included, but make sure that you check beforehand. The price is normally payable on or before admission to the hospital, and can usually be made in cash or by cheque, or credit card.


You make one payment to the hospital. The hospital then passes on a proportion of the payment to the surgeon and the anaesthetist.

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