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Monday 26 August 2019
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Are you interested in broadcasting live operations?

OR Live video of operation

Intuition has partnered with slp3D,  the premier Internet broadcaster in healthcare, to offer the OR Live web broadcast service to UK hospitals. slp3D has developed more than 600 live and on-demand events and more than 2-thousand hours of programming. They are specialists in healthcare web casting. On Private Healthcare UK, we feature both live broadcasts and an archive of past broadcasts.


Why should you consider broadcasting live operations?


In the USA, the OR-Live broadcast service is used by hospitals and healthcare facilities, and healthcare equipment suppliers and manufacturers to promote new surgical techniques and developments in healthcare.


In the UK, the first live webcast was from the Blackburn Royal Infirmary - view the BBC report on the web cast (RealPlayer required). The event was sponsored by a medical device company.


Live webcast strategy is aimed at producing added revenue for healthcare clients by increasing patient referrals to key services, growing surgical and pharmaceutical product sales, and broadening clients' brands by distributing the content to the most respected professional and consumer websites on the internet.


Live broadcast of operations has applications in both the public and private sector in the UK.

  • To generate referrals to broadcasting hospitals and surgeons.
  • To promote awareness of new surgical techniques and medical technologies to both the public and the medical profession.
  • As a teaching tool for the medical profession.




In the USA, OR-Live has been successful in all of these areas. Here are some recent results:


  1. An average of 10-20 surgical cases booked within 3 weeks of a live event.
  2. As much as an 8-fold increase in patient volume for targeted services.
  3. Up to $900K in gross revenue for client hospitals.
  4. Registered professional audiences averaging between 1,500 and 2,200 for CME and clinical forums.
  5. Audiences from all 50 states as well as South\Central America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
  6. As much as a 70% improvement in client website performance.
  7. As many as 58% of client website visitors staying 30 minutes-plus.


In the UK, the broadcast site for the Blackburn Royal Infirmary attracted 23,000 visitors, and 6,400 viewed the live broadcast. This event is receiving subsequent visits and viewings each month. Although the webcast was targeted towards selling a new medical device into hospitals, Blackburn is receiving patient requests for the operation as a result of the webcast.


What does it cost?

The typical budget for a live broadcast is in the region of £25,00 to £35,000.


Want to know more

Call Keith Pollard on 01442 817810.