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Monday 26 August 2019
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Treatment news : August 2011

Private Healthcare UK keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments in private treatment in the UK.

  • BMI The Saxon Clinic donates equipment to Ugandan hospital BMI - The Saxon ClinicLife-saving medical equipment, including seven hospital beds, have been sent to one of the poorest regions of Uganda, thanks to staff at BMI The Saxon Clinic, in Milton Keynes.
  • Children 'more at risk of skin cancer' Johns Hopkins Children's CenterThe skin cancer treatment of children may need to differ from that of adults. This is the conclusion of new research from Johns Hopkins Children's Center.
  • Ski holidays could increase cancer risk skierHolidaymakers should ensure they use adequate sun protection to lower the likelihood of them needing cancer treatment in the future.
  • Unreasonable work demands 'can increase stress' European Academy of Occupational Health PsychologyBosses have been warned that employees who are expected to handle excessively high workloads and other job-related pressures are at the highest risk of suffering from stress.
  • Women smokers warned of risks British Heart foundation logoThe British Heart Foundation (BHF) has reminded women of the risks associated with smoking, after new research found they could be more likely to develop related conditions than men.
  • Women reminded of smoking dangers Women reminded of smoking dangers Women have been warned by a scientist from the US that they are at significantly higher risk of developing some smoking-related illnesses than men, although the reasons behind this are not yet clear.
  • Weight loss 'improves confidence as well as life expectancy' Slimming World The benefits of losing weight go beyond good health, an expert has noted. Dr Jacquie Lavin, spokeswoman for Slimming World, explained improvements can be seen in many areas of life when pounds are...
  • Vitamin D checks 'could cut rickets rates' vitamin DHealthcare bosses have been urged to step up screening for vitamin D levels in pregnant women, after a new report suggested regular testing could lower the likelihood of rickets in unborn babies.
  • Physical activity 'crucial for cancer survivors' Macmillan Cancer SupportIndividuals who have beaten cancer have been reminded of the importance of staying physically active, after a new report suggested some may be putting their lives at risk by failing to get enough...
  • Regular exercise key to good health, expert says Heart UKAn expert has stressed the importance of regular exercise to maintaining good long-term health, after research indicated that moderate-intensity activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular...
  • Use stronger sunscreen, says charity sun tan sunbathe burn beach A charity has advised Brits to try using stronger sunscreen to reduce their chances of developing skin cancer, following a study which suggested caffeine could offer some protection against the...
  • Early rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis 'crucial' Arthritis CareEarly diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is particularly important to treating and managing the disease so that it does not become "terribly debilitating", according to the chief executive of one...
  • Study links three cancers Georgetown University School of Medicine in WashingtonNew research has suggested that there is a genetic link between the development of cancers in three separate areas of the body, potentially paving the way for new treatments.
  • Stress can cause wider problems, expert warns Stress can cause wider problemsPeople struggling to cope with fast-paced, hardworking lifestyles have been advised that failure to seek help with stress can lead to a wide range of other health problems over the long term.
  • Odour 'could increase salt perception' Cook at home to cut down on saltNew research has suggested that altering the smell of certain foods could trick the brain into thinking they are saltier than in reality, thereby making it easier for people to limit their own...
  • NHS patients 'at risk of malnourishment' Patient in hospital roomThe NHS must improve its care for hospital patients, the Patients Association (PA) has insisted, following its survey revealing that two out of three patients are not checked for malnutrition.
  • New hepatitis C drug launched Hepatitis C TrustA new treatment for hepatitis C has been launched in the UK, after research suggested that it could boost the number of patients cured of the liver disease by up to three times the current rate.
  • More children suffering eating disorders, says charity More children suffering eating disordersA charity has warned that an increasing number of preteen children are being hospitalised due to eating disorders, citing concern about the impact of media images and celebrity culture.
  • More breast cancer support needed, says charity TenovusA charity has called on healthcare chiefs to step up their efforts in the fight against breast cancer by providing sufferers with the support they needed after their treatment has ended.
  • Marriage 'good for the heart' Marriage 'good for the heart'A happy marriage can triple the long-term chances of surviving heart bypass surgery, according to a study.
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