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Monday 26 August 2019
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Treatment news : July 2011

Private Healthcare UK keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments in private treatment in the UK.

  • Avoiding second-hand smoke 'important' Action on Smoking and Health logoAn expert from Action on Smoking and Health (Ash) has reminded parents of the importance of protecting their children from second-hand smoke, after research suggested a possible link with hearing...
  • Government issues exercise guidelines Government issues exercise guidelines The government has urged Britons to ensure they take vigorous exercise on a regular basis, amid concerns many adults are leaving themselves at risk of developing serious conditions in later life.
  • Expert warns against cancer 'complacency' Women's Health ConcernWomen have been urged to remain on their guard against cancer, after an expert observed the surge in screening witnessed after the death of reality TV personality Jade Goody had eased.
  • Many UK motorists 'suffer from sleep disorders' Many UK motorists 'suffer from sleep disorders'An estimated one in seven (12 per cent) UK drivers suffer from health or sleep disorders, it has been found.
  • US scientists to test breast cancer drug American Association for Cancer ResearchA group of experts in the US have announced plans to test a new drug which they believe could be effective in the battle against certain kinds of breast cancer, with an aim to making it widely...
  • Working mums urged to exercise Women exercisingAn expert has advised working mothers to exercise whenever possible, with plenty of options open even for those who struggle to find the time or the money needed to take trips to the gym.
  • Text messages 'can help smokers quit' Text messages 'can help smokers quit'An expert has suggested that smokers seeking help and support in kicking the habit should consider signing up for a programme of motivational text messages, which organisers claim can provide a...
  • Teens 'ignorant about sun safety' sun tan sunbathe burn beach New research has uncovered a lack of knowledge among some teenagers about sun safety, suggesting they are less likely than those from other age groups to take precautions to avoid sunburn.
  • Throat cancer test set for trial Persistent sore throat is one symptom of throat cancerResearchers in Cambridge have unveiled plans to trial a new test for throat cancer, amid hopes the device - which costs just £25 - could pave the way for more widespread national screening.
  • Tamoxifen 'can boost breast cancer survival' breast cancer awareness ribbonNew research from experts at Oxford University has suggested that breast cancer sufferers who are prescribed tamoxifen are more likely to survive for at least a decade after commencing the treatment.
  • Teenage girls 'eat badly' slim teenage girlA new study has found many teenage girls in the UK are not eating the recommended five portions of fruit per day, prompting concern about the long-term implications for their wellbeing.
  • Study links stress and premature birth 3D / 4D Ultrasound – Is it worth the money?Scientists in the US have pointed to a possible link between stressful pregnancies and premature birth, as well as calling on healthcare bosses across the globe to boost professional and public...
  • Study questions breast cancer screening impact breast cancer awareness ribbonA new study has raised questions as to whether a fall in the number of women dying from breast cancer was caused by the introduction of widespread screening programmes.
  • Study highlights north-south heart disease divide Heart UKNew research has suggested significant disparities in rates of heart disease remain between northern and southern England, with NHS trusts in the north-west hardest hit.
  • Sleep can hamper concentration, says expert Lack of sleep can hamper concentrationPeople who regularly fail to get an adequate amount of sleep may find their mental and personal skills are affected, after researchers in the US found fragmented rest can disrupt memory.
  • Seek help over money worries, says expert money worries An expert has urged Britons to seek out professional help if they feel financial and work concerns are getting the better of them, warning that simply ignoring any problems will not solve them.
  • Sedentary lifestyles 'increase embolism risk' couch potato: men prefer cosmetic surgery to exerciseA new report has indicated that individuals who sit down for extended periods of time are at greater risk of contracting pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal when it reaches the lungs.
  • 'Robust action' needed on alcohol moderate alcohol intakeHealth bosses and politicians have been urged to take swift action to tackle the problems associated with heavy alcohol consumption, after a study linked the substance with increased risk of death...
  • Middle-age cancer rates on the up Cancer research logoNew research has indicated that the number of middle-aged people suffering from cancer has climbed by more than one-third in a generation, although survival rates have also increased markedly.
  • Reducing salt intake 'may not cut heart attack risk' saltNew research has suggested that cutting back on salt consumption may do little to reduce the likelihood of suffering heart attacks or stroke, but can help to marginally diminish blood pressure.
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