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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes launches menopause service at the Poundbury Fertility Clinic

King Edward VII's Hospital Sister Agnes

Mr Michael Savvas, Consultant Gynaecologist and a leading authority on menopause, will lead the offer. He has a special interest in the safe prescription of HRT and early menopause.


Mr Savvas says, “There are many misconceptions about HRT and other treatment options for menopause and I am committed to providing women with individualised and comprehensive care to help them find the right one.”


HRH Duchess of Cornwall officially opened the Poundbury Clinic last week, designed to be London’s premier fertility centre.


Mr. Savvas, who co-authored the national guidelines for HRT and has nearly thirty years’ experience in treating menopause, has a special interest in the safe prescription of HRT and the use of different forms of HRT in the prevention of menopausal osteoporosis.


Mr Savvas also has a special interest in early menopause, a condition affecting 5% of women in the UK.


Mr Savvas says, “Premature menopause, whether caused naturally or medically, can have a significant effect on women’s health. It is so important to treat this properly in order to maximise wellbeing.” 


The new menopause service will sit within the Poundbury Clinic and will incorporate its state-of-the-art facilities, including a DEXA scan to measure bone density.


Chief Executive of King Edward VII’s Hospital, Mr Andrew Robertson, says, “We are incredibly excited to have Mr. Savvas join the team at the Poundbury Clinic. The new menopause service is a fantastic addition to the Hospital’s ever-growing suite of first-call services.”

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