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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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UK doctor search: Find a private consultant

NameJob titlePostcode
Dr Rina AgrawalFertility Specialist, IVF Doctor, and...W1G 6AX
Mr Mohamed AmraniConsultant Cardiac SurgeonW1G 9QY
Dr Suchitra BadveyConsultant Dermatologist and Skin...W1G 9PF
Dr Devinder Singh BansiConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6BW
Mr Allon BarsamConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 8GQ
Mr Sanjeev BassiConsultant Adult and Paediatric...SE1 2PR
Mr James BlissConsultant Knee SurgeonSE1 2PR
Dr Stefanie BosselaersConsultant Plastic SurgeonW1G 9QD
Dr Gerald BrookesConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 7JE
Dr David BrullConsultant Cardiologist and Honorary...W1G 7HH
Mr Emin Carapeti Consultant General and Colorectal...W1G 7ET
Mr Francis ChinegwundohConsultant UrologistW1G 7LD
Dr Helen CoxConsultant in Paediatric AllergyW1G 7HW
Dr Miles DalbyConsultant CardiologistW1G 9QY
Mr Giles DaviesOncoplastic Breast SurgeonW1G 7ET
Dr Sabina DosaniConsultant PsychiatristW1G 9PF
Dr Demetrios EconomidesConsultant Obstetrician and...NW3 2QG
Nkem O EroniniConsultant UrologistW1G 9PF
Mr Nicholas Eynon-LewisConsultant ENT SurgeonE1 4NL
Dr Chris FraserConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 8PZ
Dr Adam FriedmannConsultant DermatologistW1G 6JP
Alessandro GiardiniConsultant Paediatric CardiologistW1G 8BJ
Dr Rehan HaidryConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6NB
Mr Nima HeidariConsultant orthopaedic surgeonW1G 7ET
Mr Charles ImberConsultant General SurgeonW1G 7JG
Dr Christopher JennerConsultant in Pain ManagementW1G 7LD
Mr Simon JenningsConsultant Orthopaedic and Trauma...W1G 6AL
Dr Lesley KayConsultant Physician in HaematologyW1G 9PF
Dr Ken KennedyConsultant in sports and...W1G 7ET
Lorin LakasingConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5QN
Dr Pier LambiaseConsultant CardiologistW1G 6NB
Dr Tabi LeslieConsultant DermatologistW1G 7HF
Dr Laurence LeverConsultant DermatologistW1G 7ET
Professor Laurence LovatConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6NB
Miss Fiona MacNeilConsultant Breast SurgeonW1G 7ET
Mr Rohit MadhavConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 6PU
Dr Toby MaherConsultant Respiratory PhysicianSW3 6NP
Mr Simon MarshConsultant Breast, Groin and Hernia...W1G 7ET
Dr Jane McGregorConsultant Dermatologist and Skin...W1G 7AF
Mr Sukhbinder MinhasConsultant UrologistW1G 7JL
Professor Kefah MokbelConsultant Breast SurgeonW1N 5FD
Dr Karl MurphyConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5QN
Mrs Geeta NargundConsultant GynaecologistW1G 6AJ
Mr Vinod NargundConsultant UrologistW1G 6AJ
Mr John NixonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 7JL
Mr Ali NooraniConsultant orthopaedic surgeonW1G 7ET
John O'DowdConsultant Spinal SurgeonW1G 9QY
Mr Michael OkoConsultant ENT Surgeon and Sleep Apnoea...W1G 7LQ
Conal PerrettConsultant Dermatologist and...W1G 7AF
Mr Dan PlevConsultant Neurosurgeon and Spinal...W1G 7JL
Dr Frank PlovierConsultant cosmetic, plastic and...W1G 9QD
Dr Nick PlowmanConsultant Clinical OncologistW1G 9PH
Mr Bobby QureshiConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 9PF
Farooq RahmanConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6NB
Mr M Ashwin ReddyConsultant Paediatric OphthalmologistEC1V 2PD
Mr Toby RichardsConsultant Vascular and Endovascular...WC1G 6AZ
Dr Ralph RogersOrthopaedic Sports PhysicianW1G 7ET
Dr Michael RudenkoSpecialist in Allergy and ImmunologW1G 9QP
Mr Manzar SaeedConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 9QQ
Mr Richard SainsburyConsultant Breast SurgeonW1G 7ET
Dr Julia ScarisbrickConsultant Dermatologist, Skin...W1G 7ET
Miss Amina ShafikConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5AH
Mr Azhar ShaidaConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 6AN
André R SimonConsultant Cardiac SurgeonSW3 6NP
Dr Rob SmithConsultant CardiologistW1G 9QY
Dr Sara UlensConsultant Plastic and Aesthetic...W1G 9QD
Dr Ahsan A UllahCosmetic SurgeonW1G 9PF
Mr Andrew WallaceConsultant Orthopeadic SurgeonW1H 6EQ
Miss Tena WaltersConsultant Breast SurgeonW1G 7ET
Dr Jonathan WilsonConsultant Colorectal and General...W1G 7JL
Mr Anthony AbbasConsultant GynaecologistW1G 6BG
Dr Ian AbbsConsultant NephrologistSE1 5
Dr Samaa El AbdConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Mr Hossam AbdallaConsultant GynaecologistSW1W 8RH
Robin AbelConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Dr Ralph R AbrahamConsultant EndocrinologistW1U 5HJ
Dr Ed AbrahamsonConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Mr Solomon AbramovichConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 7JE
Mr Pramod AchanConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 6PU
Mr Bikash AcharyaConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 8BJ
Mr James F AchesonConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonEC1V 2PD
Dr Andreas AdamConsultant RadiologistSE1 1YR
Mr Marco AdamoConsultant SurgeonW1G 9AL
Dr Christopher AdamsConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Miss Gillian G W AdamsConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonEC1V 2PD
Dr Christopher AdamsConsultant NeurosurgeonSW5 0TU
Matthew Edward AdamsConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Mrs Clare AddisonDirectorW1G 6AZ
Mr Mohan AdiseshiahConsultant SurgeonW1G 6DE
Mr Mohankumarr AdiseshiahConsultant Vascular SurgeonW1G 6DE
Mr Fary AfsharConsultant neurosurgeonW1G 6BJ
Mr Farhad AfsharConsultant NeurosurgeonE1 4NL
Roshan AgarwalConsultant OncologistW1N 4BJ
Mr Obiekezie AguConsultant UrologistW1U 5HJ
Imran AhmadConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Kamran Saeed AhmadConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Muaaze AhmadConsultant Musculoskeletal RadiologistW1G 9AL
Mr Ahmed Rashid AhmedConsultant Bariatric & Upper GI SurgeonW1G 9AL
Dr Khalid AhmedConsultant EndocrinologistSW5 0TU
Mr Kamal AhmedConsultant NephrologistSE1 2PR
Dr Ali Eltag Omer AhmedConsultant PaediatricianW1G 7JA
Dr Omer A AhmedConsultant Paediatric SurgeonW1G 9PF
Shahla AhmedConsultant Obstetrician And...W1W 5AH
Mr Philip AhrensConsultant SurgeonNW8 9NH
Dr Kamal AhujaConsultant GynaecologistW1G 6AP
Dr Colin AinleyConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6BJ
Mr Adil AjuiedConsultant Knee SurgeonW1H 6EQ
Dr Fawaz AkhrasConsultant CardiologistSW5 0TU
Mr Yinka AkinfenwaConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5AH
Mr Mahmoud Al-AkraaConsultant UrologistNW8 9NH
Dr Wasan Al-AlwanConsultant AnaesthetistW1G 6DE
Afshin AlaviConsultant RadiologistW1W 5AH
Dr Assunta AlbaneseConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr David AlbertConsultant PaediatricianW1W 5AH
Dr Malgorzata AlbinConsultant AnaesthetistW1G 8GD
Peter David AlexanderConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Mr Yannis AlexandridesConsultant Plastic and Reconstructive...W1G 6AW
Dion AlexandrouConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Hakan AlfredsonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1U 5NY
Mr Hassan Al-HaddadConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonSW5 0TU
Mohammed AlhejaziConsultant General SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Dr A Al-HussainiConsultant Haematologist (Oncology)W1G 6BW
Dr A Al-HussainiConsultant RheumatologistSW5 0TU
Leena AliConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Mohammed Iqbal AliGeneral PractictionerSW5 0EA
Iaisha AliConsultant DermatologistW1U 5NY
Dr Adnan Al-KaisyGeneral PracticeW1G 8GY
Mr Mousa Al-KurdiConsultant Obstetrician &...PE296NT
Mr Bruce AllanConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonEC1V 2PD
Dr Simon AllardConsultant PhysicianW1G 6HL
Dr Jaffar AllawiConsultant EndocrinologistSE1 2PR
Mrs Sally AllenConsultant PhysicianNW8 9NH
Dr Clare AllenConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Darrell J AllenConsultant Urologist SurgeonW1U 5NY
Meredith AllenConsultant Intensive Care SpecialistW1N 4BJ
Mr Timothy Allen-MershConsultant SurgeonW6 0NB
Mr Ali Al-MemarConsultant Neurosurgeon KT2 7QB
Dr Ali Al-MemarConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5AH
Dr John James Ryan AlmeydaConsultant DermatologistW1G 6AA
Mr John AlmeydaConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 6NP
Mr Ragheed Al-MuftiConsultant GynaecologistW1U 5NY
Dr Bushra Al-RubeyiConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Mr M Al-SamarraiConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5AH
Mr Ghassan AlusiConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 7LQ
Mr Gabriel AlvarezConsultant Plastic SurgeonW1T 6AH
Selma Al-WahabConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1N 4BJ
Rakesh AminConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Dr Zahir AminConsultant RadiologistW1G 6BW
John Stuart AndersonConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr David R AndersonConsultant CardiologistSE1 2PR
Mr David AndersonConsultant Thoracic SurgeonSE1 2PR
Dr Christopher AndersonConsultant UrologistW1G 8GE
Dr Michael AndersonConsultant GastroenterologistSW5 0TU
Ms Lena AndersonConsultant Paediatric SurgeonW1G 7HJ
Jonathan Robert AndersonConsultant General SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Miss Lena AnderssonConsultant SurgeonW1G 7HW
Ms Bobbie AndressGeneral PractictionerW1G 6AP
Ms Karen AndrewsGeneral PractictionerW1G 6AR
Dr Thomasin AndrewsConsultant NeurologistSE1 1YR
Ms Celia AndrewsConsultant Plastic SurgeonW1G 6AW
Mr John AngelConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonNW8 9NH
Mr Richard AngwinConsultant PhysicianW1G 7BU
Vladimir AnikinConsultant SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Henry G AnnanConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5AH
Mr Ken AnsonConsultant UrologistW1G 7JL
Mr Antonios Varnanvas AntoniouConsultant GynaecologistSW1W 8RH
Anthony AntoniouConsultant Colorectal SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Mr Paul AppsGeneral PractictionerW1G 6BW
Dr Chris ApsConsultant AnaesthetistSE1 2PR
Dr Joseph AquilinaConsultant GynaecologistE5 0HA
Dr Joe AquilinaConsultant GynaecologistW1W
Dr Joe AquilinaConsultant RheumatologistNW8 9LE
Aliaa ArafaConsultant Obstetrician And...W1W 5AH
Mr D J ArcherConsultant SurgeonSW5 0TU
Hendrik-Tobias ArkenauConsultant HaematologistW1N 4BJ
Samuel G ArmaniousConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Nii ArmarConsultant GynaecologistSW5 0TU
Dr Paul ArmstrongConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5AH
Dr Paul ArmstrongConsultant RheumatologistSE1 9RT
Dr N ArmstrongConsultant GynaecologistSW5 0TU
Dr Jayantha ArnoldConsultant GastroenterologistSW5 0TU
Dr Jayantha ArnoldConsultant NeurologistW1G 6AU
Glenn ArnoldConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Richard AronConsultant DermatologistNW4 1RP
Premila ArunasalamConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Roopen AryaConsultant HaematologistSW5 0TU
Mr Alok AshConsultant GynaecologistSE1 1YR
Mr Peter H AshbyConsultant SurgeonW1G 8QQ
Keyoumars AshkanConsultant NeurosurgeonW1N 4BJ
Dr Elizabeth AshleyConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Dr Oliparambil AshokkumarConsultant Obstetrician and...NW8 9NH
David AshtonSpecialist In Respiratory MedicineW1U 5NY
Dr David AthertonConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Mr Simon William AtkinsonConsultant Surgeon SE1 2PR
Dr Ayad AtraConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
George AttilakosConsultant Obstetrician And...W1N 4BJ
Dr Min AungConsultant AnaesthetistE1 4NL
Dr Neil AustinConsultant Child and Adolescent...W1G 9PS
Mr Conal B AustinConsultant Paediatric / Adult...SE1 2PR
Wynne AvelingConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Mr Wael AwadConsultant SurgeonEC1A 7BE
Mr Awwad M AwwadConsultant SurgeonSW5 0TU
Dr John AxfordConsultant RheumatologistW1W 5AH
Dr Khaled AyaziConsultant in Pain MedicineW1T 6AH
Miss Gubby AyidaConsultant GynaecologistSW10 9PJ
Mr Bill AylwardConsultant OphthalmologistW1G 6LH
Simon AylwinConsultant EndocrinologistW1U 5NY
Dr A W AyoubConsultant RadiologistSW5 0TU
Prof Qasim AzizConsultant GastroenterologistE1 4NL
Dr Ikechukwu AzuonyeConsultant PsychiatristW1G 9PF
Mr Ian Bacarese-HamiltonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1U 5NY
Rosalind BaconConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Andrew BadacsonyiConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr David BadenochConsultant UrologistW1G 6
Dr Gala A BadrawyConsultant PsychiatristW1G 7JU
Professor Gaby BadreConsultant Sleep MedicineW1G 6AT
Sara BadvieColorectal and General SurgeonW1G 9PF
Dr Martin R BaggaleyConsultant PsychiatristSE1 9RS
Paul Martin BaileyConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mrs Jenny BaileyConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 6AQ
Mr C S BaileyConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 6AQ
Dr Michael BaileyConsultant UrologistSW5 0TU
Craig BaileyConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Mr C Martin BaileyConsultant Paediatric Ear, Nose &...W1G 9AL
Dr Peter BainConsultant NeurologistSW5 0TU
Mr Peter BairdConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonSW10 9NH
Dr Suhail I BaithunConsultant PathologistE1 1BB
Dr Alastair BakerConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr Laurence BakerNephrologistW1G 6DE
Mr Daryll BakerConsultant SurgeonNW8 9LE
Dr Graham BakerConsultant GynaecologistW1N 6AH
Dr Harvey BakerConsultant DermatologistW1G 7LH
Dr Christopher BakerConsultant CardiologistW1G 7HY
Dr Neelam BakshiConsultant PsychiatristNW1 6SH
Dr Stephanie BaldewegConsultant EndocrinologistW1U 5HJ
Dr Graham BaldockConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Poopalasingam BalendranConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Elizabeth BallConsultant Obstetrician And...W1U 5NY
Dr Colin BallConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr J A BallConsultant NeurologistW2 1NY
Dr Anne BallingerConsultant GastroenterologistW1U 5NY
Mr Christopher Balogun-LynchConsultant ObstetricianW1G 7LH
Dr Seamus BanimConsultant CardiologistW1G 7HW
Seamus Oliver BanimConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Mr Marcus BankesConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 6HL
Mr Peter BanksConsultant SurgeonWC1E 6AU
Mrs Shah BansriGeneral PractictionerW1G 8QN
Dr Nagi BarakatConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr Andrew BaranowskiConsultantW1G 6
Dr Mahmoud BarbirConsultant CardiologistSW5 0TU
Dr Jonathan BarkerConsultant DermatologistSE1 7EH
Mr Stephen BarkerConsultant SurgeonW1G 6
Dr Graham H BarkerConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5AH
Stephen G BarkerConsultant General SurgeonW1U 5NY
Dr Richard BarlowConsultant DermatologistSE1 7
Alex M BarnacleConsultant RadiologistW1W 5AH
Matthew BarnardConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Philip BarnettConsultant EndocrinologistNW8 9NH
Dr Christian BarnickConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5QN
Mr Alastair BarrGeneral PractictionerW1G 6BW
Dr Nigel BarrettConsultant RadiologistSW5 0TU
Dr Stephanie BarrettRheumatologistSW1W 8BJ
James BarronConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr Matthew BarryConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonE1 4NL
Dr Carolyn Elizabeth BarshallGeneral PractictionerSW1W 8BJ
Mr Desmond BartonConsultant GynaecologistSW3 6JJ
Dr Simon E BartonSpecialist in Genito Urinary MedicineSW1W 8RH
Mr Keith BartonConsultant OphthalmologistEC1V 9LF
Prof Clive I BartramConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Clive BartramConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Dr Tamara BasarabConsultant DermatologistSW1W 8RH
Sheikh Nigel BasheerConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Susan BasiConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr Paul A BaskervilleConsultant SurgeonW1G 8GL
Miss Paula BastoConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 8QJ
Dr Veronique BatailleConsultant DermatologistW1U 5LZ
Mr Ian BayleyConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1W 5AQ
Dr Richard BaylissConsultant EndocrinologistSW1W 8RH
Dr Michele BeaconsfieldConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1M 7DE
Ms Linda BeadleConsultant DermatologistW1G 0PN
Dr Caroline Lesley Bonda BealingGeneral PractictionerSW7 2NG
Dr Ronald BeaneyGynaecologistW1G 7HR
Colin BeardConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Ian BeasleySports PhysicianE1 4NL
Michael A BecklesSpecialist In Respiratory MedicineW1U 5NY
Dr Nicholas CavanaghConsultant Paediatric SurgeonSW5 0TU
James Durrell CavenaghConsultant HaematologistW1U 5NY
Maurizio CecconiConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Prof Dr. John F. CelinConsultant Plastic SurgeonE1 4NL
Jan CernovskyConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Prathiba ChakrabartiConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Charlotte ChalihaConsultant Obstetrician And...W1U 5NY
Denise ChallisConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Mr Eddie ChalonerConsultant Vascular SurgeonW1G 9AL
Dr John ChambersConsultant CardiologistSE1 7EH
Ah-Fee ChanConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Otto ChanConsultant RadiologistE1 4NL
Mr Christopher ChandlerConsultant NeurosurgeonSE5 9RS
Dr Christopher ChandlerConsultant ObstetricianN3 1HJ
Mogera ChandraConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr Robin ChapmanConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 9PF
Miriam Vance ChapmanConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr David CharterisOphthalmologyW1G 9ST
Dr Ranjana chaudhuriConsultant RadiologistW1G 6AX
Dhanesh ChavdaConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Amit ChawlaConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Mr Anthony D CheesmanConsultant ENT SurgeonNW8 9LE
Mr Anthony D. CheesmanConsultant ENT SurgeonNW8 9LE
Ahmed ChekairiConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Ms Rashna ChenoyConsultant Obstetrician &...W1G 7JD
Mr Elfy ChevrettonConsultant ENT SurgeonSE1 2PR
Professor Shern ChewConsultant EndocrinologistW1G 6BL
Sarah Chieveley-WilliamsConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Ian C ChikanzaConsultant RheumatologistE1 4NL
Christopher ChinConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Dr Roger J S ChinnConsultant RadiologistSW1W 8RH
Dr David ChisholmConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr Julia ChisholmConsultant PaediatricianWC1N 3JH
Dr David G ChisolmConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Mr Dennis ChoaConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 8TD
Wui Khean 'Kling' ChongConsultant RadiologistW1W 5AH
Mr Simon ChoongConsultant UrologistNW8 9NH
Dr Sunil ChopraConsultant DermatologistW1U 5HJ
Dr Anthony ChowConsultant CardiologistW1G 7HR
Anthony Wai-Cheong ChowConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Simon ChowdhuryConsultant OncologistW1N 4BJ
Dr Uttom ChowdhuryPsychiatristW1G 8YP
Christina ChoyConsultant EndocrinologistW1U 5NY
Mr Andrew Nimal ChristopherConsultant UrologistW1G 6BJ
Andrew ChukwuemekaConsultant SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Prof K Fan ChungConsultant in Respiratory MedicineSW3 6NP
Mr Samuel J. ChurchConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1H 6EQ
Dr Alessia CianiConsultant PsychiatristSW1X 9AE
Dr Paul CiclitiraConsultant GastroenterologistSE1 7EH
Ms Joanna CirielloGeneral PractictionerSW1X 9RX
Dr Jonathan ClagueConsultant CardiologistSW3 6NP
Elaine ClarkConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1W 5AH
Mr Charles ClarkConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 6HX
B J ClarkConsultant PathologistEC1V 2PD
Dr A Godfrey B ClarkConsultant PaediatricianW1W 5AH
Dr Michael ClarkConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6
Dr Sue ClarkConsultant SurgeonSW5 0TU
Mr Peter ClarkeConsultant ENT SurgeonSW5 0TU
Dr Charles R A ClarkeConsultant NeurologistW1G 7LH
Mr Simon ClarkeConsultant SurgeonSW5 0TU
Antonia ClarkeConsultant NeurologistW1N 4BJ
Prof P T ClaytonConsultant PaediatricianWC1N 3JH
Dr Susan CleatorConsultant OncologistW1G 6AF
Professor Andrew CoatsConsultant CardiologistW1G 7JQ
Mr Justin CobbConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 6HE
Dr John CobbConsultant PsychiatristSW1X 7PQ
Dr Carlos CobiellaConsultant GynaecologistW1N 1DG
Mr Carlos CobiellaConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonNW8 9NH
Carlos Eduardo CobiellaConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1U 5NY
Dr John Gerard CoghlanConsultant CardiologistW1G 6
Dr C CohenGastroenterologistW1G 6DE
Dr C Richard CohenColorectal SurgeonW1G 9HN
Dr Simon CohenConsultant PhysicianNW8 9LE
Dr Joseph CohenGeneral PractictionerNW8 9LE
Mr Richard CohenConsultant SurgeonW1G 6DE
Mr Brian CohenConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 9RY
Professor Peter ColeConsultant PhysicianW1G 9PF
Mrs Judith ColemanPhysicianW1G 7JQ
Mr Philip Coleridge-SmithConsultant SurgeonW1G 6LF
George ColleeConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr J R O CollinConsultant OphthalmologistW1G 8QZ
Mr Richard CollinConsultant SurgeonW1G 8QZ
Prof Peter CollinsConsultant CardiologistSW3 6NP
Dr Mark CollinsConsultant PsychiatristSW3 5NR
Dr Carole CollinsGeneral PractictionerSW5 0TU
John V CollinsSpecialist In Respiratory MedicineW1N 4BJ
Julian CollinsonConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Dr D J ColtartConsultant CardiologistW1G 8NE
Dr Timothy ColtartConsultant GynaecologistW1
Michael ColvinConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Dr Mike CominsGeneral PractictionerSW1W 0JZ
Mr Jonathan CompsonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonSW1W 8RH
Mr Edward ComptonConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 9PF
Andrzej Marek ConConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Ms Lindsey CondronGeneral PractictionerSW3 2EA
Dr David ConnellConsultant RadiologistSE1 2PR
Dr Frances Elizabeth Albinia ConnellConsultant PsychiatristE1 4NL
Professor Gerard ConwayConsultant EndocrinologistW1G 7JQ
Miss Kate CookConsultant PhysicianW1G 6BG
Dr Richard Andrew CookeConsultant CardiologistSE1 2PR
Dr Michael CooklinConsultant CardiologistSE5 9RS
Dr Michael CooklinConsultant ObstetricianW1G 7LH
Mr Robert J CoolingConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonEC1V 2PD
Ms Nicola CoombsPsychotherapistW1
Mr Richard CoombsConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1N 1AP
Dr Barrington CooperConsultant PsychiatristW1G 6HS
R CooperOptometristW1U 5HJ
Dr Richard CooperGeneral PractictionerW1G 9QH
Mehrengise CooperConsultant Intensive Care SpecialistW1N 4BJ
Ian CorallConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Miss Melanie CorbettConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1U 5HJ
Mr Steven CorbettConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonNW8 9NH
Mr Steven CorbettConsultant Shoulder and Elbow SurgeonW1H 6EQ
Roger CorderyConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Michael CorenConsultant PaediatricianNW8 9NH
Dr Anne CorenConsultant AnaesthetistEC1V 2PD
Dr Laura CorrConsultant CardiologistW1G 7HR
Mr John CostelloConsultant in Respiratory MedicineSW5 0TU
Dr C CostelloConsultant HaematologistSW10 9NH
Stefano CotrufoPlastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic...W1G 9PF
Ms Alison CottamGeneral PractictionerSW1X 9SW
Dr Simon CottamConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Dr Christopher CottrillConsultant OncologistW1G 6AF
Christopher Paul CottrillConsultant OncologistW1U 5NY
Miss Christina CotziasConsultant GynaecologistW1G 7JX
Dr Carmel CoulterConsultant OncologistW1G 7HR
Dr Stephen CourtGeneral PractictionerW1G 9PH
Nathalie Courtois-PurgassConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Jonathan CousinsConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr James CouttsConsultant CardiologistSE1 6BD
Mr Dickinson CowanConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5QN
Mr Dickinson CowanConsultant RheumatologistW6 8RF
Peter CowleyConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Mark CoxConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Tim CoxConsultant RadiologistSW5 0TU
Dr Ann CoxonConsultant PhysicianW1G 6AH
Dr Michael CraigConsultant PsychiatristW1W 5AH
Dr Thomas CrakeConsultant CardiologistNW8 9LE
Ms Helen CrawshawConsultant DermatologistW1G 7HY
Dr Daniel CreamerConsultant DermatologistSE1 2PR
Dr Sarah CreightonConsultant GynaecologistW1W 5AH
Dr Paul CrichtonConsultant PsychiatristW1G 9PF
Sasha CrispPractice ManagerW1G 6PU
Mr Rodney J CroftConsultant Obstetrician &...W1G 9PF
Dr Mary E CroftonConsultant RadiologistNW8 9LE
Dr John CrokerConsultant PhysicianNW8 9NH
James CrosbieConsultant General SurgeonW1U 5NY
Dr Colin P CrosbySpecialist in Sports MedicineW1G 6PH
Mr Frank William CrossConsultant surgeonW1G 6BJ
Dr Marion CrouchmanConsultant PaediatricianW1W 5AH
Mr Lyndon Da CruzConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1U 5HJ
Mr Peter CuckowConsultant PaediatricianW1W 5AH
Shay (Seamus) CullenConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Dr Seamus CullenConsultant CardiologistW6G 6DE
Dr Sarah CulpittConsultant PhysicianW1U 5HJ
Dr Sean CummingsGeneral PractictionerW1G 7HA
Ms Carol CunninghamConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1U 5HJ
Dr Deborah A CunninghamConsultant RadiologistNW8 9NH
Dr John CunninghamConsultant UrologistW6G 6DE
Professor John CunninghamConsultant NephrologistW6G 6DE
Philip CunningtonConsultant AnaesthetistW1W 5AH
Natasha CurranConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Paul Vincent Langham CurryConsultant CardiologistSE1 2PR
Joe I CurryConsultant General SurgeonW1W 5AH
Mr Sean CurryConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonW1G 9RY
Dr Alfred CutnerConsultant GynaecologistNW1 2BU
Mr Alfred S CutnerConsultant GynaecologistW1G 6AA
Angus George DalgleishConsultant OncologistW1N 4BJ
Dr C DancyConsultant CardiologistSW5 0TU
Dr Alix DanielGeneral PractictionerW1G 6AQ
Mr John K G DartConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonEC1V 2PD
Lisa DasConsultant GastroenterologistW1U 5NY
Ranan DasGuptaConsultant Urologist SurgeonW1U 5NY
Mr Prokar DasguptaConsultant UrologistSE1 2PR
Umesh DashoraConsultant, Endocrinology, Diabetes and...W1G 7HY
Dr Mehul Tulsidas DattaniConsultant PaediatricianWC1N 3JH
Dr Piers DaubeneyPaediatric and Fetal Cardiologist SW10 9EL
Dr Joseph DavarConsultant CardiologistNW4 1RP
Ms Rekha DaveClinical Cardiac PhysiologistSE1 6BD
Miss Clare DaveyConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonNW8 9NH
Mr Brian DavidsonConsultant SurgeonNW8 9LE
Mr Tim DavidsonConsultant SurgeonW1G 7JW
Professor Neville DavidsonConsultant OncologistW1G 6DE
Mr Dai DaviesConsultant Plastic and Reconstructive...W1G 8PZ
Mr Nigel DaviesConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonSW5 0TU
Mr Alun DaviesConsultant SurgeonSW5 0TU
Professor John E DaviesConsultant PhysicianW1G 6PU
Dr Simon DaviesConsultant CardiologistW1G 7HW
Dr Wyn DaviesConsultant CardiologistW1H 7HJ
Mr D Garfield DaviesConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 6BW
Dr Graham DaviesConsultant CardiologistSW15 5PN
Dr Ceri DaviesConsultant CardiologistE1 4NL
Mr Mark DaviesConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonSE1 9RT
Dr Wynne DaviesConsultant AnaesthetistSE1 2PR
Dr David Wynne Lloyd DaviesConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5PQ
Mr Anthony DaviesConsultant GynaecologistSE1 2PR
Ms Melanie DaviesConsultant GynaecologistW1U 5HJ
Dr E Graham DaviesConsultant ImmunologistWC1N 3JH
David Garfield DaviesConsultant Ent SurgeonW1G 6DE
Vanessa Jane Davies - Skin Camouflage...Skin Camouflage ConsultantW1G 9PF
Catriona DaviesConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Susan DaviesConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
John Elfed DaviesGeneral PractitionerW1U 5NY
Mr Andrew DaviesConsultant Knee SurgeonW1H 6EQ
Dr Jacqueline C DavisConsultant RadiologistW1G 6BW
Mr Colin J DavisConsultant GynaecologistW1G 6DE
Dr Heather DavisonConsultant PhysicianW1G 6AU
Khaled DawasConsultant General SurgeonW1U 5NY
Bashir DawlatlyConsultant Obstetrician And...W1W 5AH
Dr Rex DawsonConsultant CardiologistW1G 6DE
Dr John Rex DawsonConsultant CardiologistW1G 6BW
Mr John DawsonConsultant CardiologistW1
Mr Sheraz M DayaConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonW1G 8HZ
Mr Hamid DayaConsultant ENT SurgeonW1G 8AH
Dr Shamim DayaConsultant in Complementary MedicineW1G 6LH
Dr David D'CruzConsultant RheumatologistSE1 7UT
Paolo De CoppiConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1N 4BJ
Mr Marc de LevalConsultant SurgeonW1
Claudine De MunterConsultant In Paediatric MedicineW1N 4BJ
Ranil De SilvaConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Mrs Barbara DeakinConsultant Plastic SurgeonSW3 1RW
Dr Jane E DealConsultant Paediatric NephrologistW2 1NY
Dr John DeanPhysicianW1G 6BW
Colin Richard DeaneConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Dr Andrew DeanerConsultant CardiologistE1 4NL
Professor John DeanfieldConsultant CardiologistW1N 8BJ
John E DeanfieldConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Neil DeasyConsultant RadiologistW1U 5NY
Dr Thomas DegenConsultant SurgeonW1S 1BG
Aleksander DeleckiConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Charlotte DempseyConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Mr Nigel DenbyConsultant GynaecologistW1G 7JX
Mr William Dennes Consultant Obstetrician, Specialist in...W1G 7HU
Dr Wendy Elizabeth DenningGeneral PractitionerW1G 6AX
Dr Simon DermodyPsychotherapistW1G 8YP
Mr Jatin Bhagwatprasad DesaiConsultant Thoracic SurgeonSE5 9RS
Dr Jatin Bhagwatprasad DesaiConsultant ObstetricianW1G 6HH
Mr Jatin Bhagwatprasad DesaiConsultant ObstetricianSE1 2PR
Mr Kaleish DesaiConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonSW5 0TU
Dr Sujal DesaiConsultant RadiologistSW5 0TU
Divyesh Y DesaiConsultant General SurgeonW1W 5AH
Ranjit DeshpandeConsultant SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Dr John DevlinConsultant GastroenterologistW1G 6AY
Alexander DewhurstConsultant AnaesthetistW1G
Mr Anil DhawanConsultant PaediatricianSW5 0TU
Dr Paul DhillonConsultant PhysicianW1G 6BW
Mr Ramindar DhillonConsultant ENT SurgeonW1P 4PG
Dr Mehul DhinojaConsultant Cardiologist &...E1 4NL
Girish DhondConsultant AnaesthetistW1N 4BJ
Mr Alberto Di GiuseppeCosmetic SurgeonW1G 7HZ
Carmelo Di SalvoConsultant SurgeonW1N 4BJ
Dr John DickConsultant UrologistKT2 7QB
Dr John DickConsultant ObstetricianW1W 5QN
John R DickConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr David DightonConsultant CardiologistIG10 4HJ
Mr Michael DilkesConsultant ENT SurgeonNW8 9NH
Christos DimitriouConsultant PsychiatristW1G 9PF
Mr Michael DinneenConsultant UrologistSW5 0TU
Mr William DinningConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonSW5 0TU
Dr Daryl DobConsultant AnaesthetistSW5 0TU
Mr Trevor DolanConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonE1 4NL
Dr Robert DonaldsonConsultant CardiologistW1G 6
Robert M DonaldsonConsultant CardiologistW1N 4BJ
Dr Sabine Irene Louise DonnaiGeneral PractictionerEC1A 9PH
Miss Catharina Van DoornConsultant CardiologistW1G 8BJ
Ms Helen DoranConsultant GynaecologistW2 1NY
Mr Neil DorwardConsultant Neurosurgeon NW8 9LE
Dr Edward DouekConsultant PaediatricianW1W 5AH
Mr Michael DouekConsultant General and Breast SurgeonW1G 8PX
Stergios (Stelios) DoumouchtsisConsultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist...W1G 6BW
Ms Zena DounavisGeneral PractictionerW1G 6NB
Mr George S E DowdConsultant Orthopaedic SurgeonNW8 9LE
Professor Pauline DowdConsultant DermatologistW1G 7LE
Mr Jonathan DowlerConsultant OphthalmologistW1G 6DE
James DownConsultant AnaesthetistW1U 5NY
Dr Anna PallecarosConsultant in Sexual HealthW1W 5QN
Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic (UK)...HomeopathW1G 9QH
HumphriesConsultant PsychiatristW1G 9PG
Mr David DrakeConsultant PaediatricianWC1N 3JH
Dr Adrian DraperConsultant in Respiratory MedicineW1G 6BW
Mr Gilles DreyfusConsultant SurgeonUB9 6JH
Dr Ann DruryConsultant OncologistSW5 0TU
Dr Anthony Du VivierDermatologyW1G 8AJ
Dr Emilia Duarte WilliamsonConsultant DermatologistW1G 9PF
Victor DubowitzConsultant NeurologistW1W 5AH