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Wednesday 21 August 2019
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Private Healthcare UK: Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Private Healthcare UK operates a system whereby patients can publish their ratings and comments about their experience of medical treatment in the UK.


For an example, see the application of Ratings and Reviews to BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital.


You can search for a private healthcare provider or  view all Ratings and Reviews on private healthcare on the dedicated Private Healthcare UK reviews site.



Why do we include Ratings and Reviews on Private Healthcare UK?


Increasingly, consumers want to hear from “people like me” before they buy a product or service. Holidays, hotels, products on Amazon are reviewed and rated by customers and help potential buyers make the right choice.  Healthcare is following this trend. Patients are researching hospitals and clinics online before they decide where to go. Choosing a doctor, operation, or hospital, is a big decision; the more opinions a patient can gather, the more secure they feel with their ultimate choice.


Patients want to know about other patients’ experiences. And Private Healthcare UK Ratings and Reviews will provide them with the “word of mouth” that will help them to make the right choice.


How does the review system work?


When a patient submits a review of a medical treatment provider, a hospital or a clinic, the review is checked by our Reviews team to ensure that:

  • The review is valid, honest and fair comment.

  • It is not a spurious review that has been “invented” by a healthcare provider to promote their facility or to damage a competitor’s reputation. (We validate email addresses and record IP addresses to monitor potential abuse).

  • The review does not contain profanity or inappropriate content.

  • The review does not raise issues of legal liability.


Healthcare providers and agencies will be given the opportunity to respond to any negative reviews.


How does it benefit a hospital, clinic or medical treatment provider?


Encouraging patients to record their experience of your services on Private Healthcare UK will bring more patients:

  • 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a supplier, if it has ratings and reviews.

  • 77% of online shoppers use reviews and ratings when purchasing.

  • 82% of those who read reviews said that their purchasing decisions have been directly influenced by those reviews.

Ratings and Reviews helps patients to find out more about healthcare services, and helps providers to to tune into the “patient’s voice”.


Who is running the Reviews System?


We have employed Bazaarvoice, the world leaders in online rating systems to manage our new service. Bazaarvoice provide similar systems for world leading brands such as Dell, Sears, Hewlett Packard, Lego, and Macys.  Bazaarvoice makes sure only the best, truest and most trusted reviews make it on to our site. The moderators are well educated, trained and tested to ensure only appropriate user-generated content gets posted.


A review will be rejected if it does not meet our review guidelines.


How can I be sure that the reviews are valid?


We operate a zero tolerance policy, if we identify a review that has been invented or falsified. Very rarely, we may identify a review that violates our review guidelines.


A medical tourism agency, hospital or clinic, doctor or dentist may be tempted to either:

  • Create a fake review to promote their own service.

  • Create a fake review to damage a competitor’s reputation.


We have chosen BazaarVoice as the partner for our Ratings and Reviews system because of their ability to identify fake reviews through the algorithms they run on review submissions, the tracking of IP addresses of reviewers, the validation of email addresses, and BazaarVoice’s experience of moderating thousands of reviews for major clients every month.


If we identify a review that has been invented or falsified, we will:

  • Remove the review(s) immediately from the site.

  • Remove the review function completely from that organisation’s listings on our sites, and delete all historic reviews.

  • Place a message against the organisation’s listings, explaining the removal of the reviews.